How to Make Extra Money from your Property.

In our line of work, we get to meet some awesome people and see some awesome ideas plus at the same time, one question we are asked is ideas to maximise the income potential on client’s investment properties.  Apart from renovation and sprucing up your property or properties which is another Blog post for another day, these few ideas provided may assist you to make some extra money from your property by maximising their potential.

Secrets to paying off your mortgage sooner.
A number of websites and financial calculations tend to turn a lot of people off when starting the purchase process since you will get a different borrowing figure from each website therefore some people decide to leave these calculations until the last minute which can lead to a lot of stress and disappointment.  Calculating your capacity to borrow will be different with each lender which a licensed Credit Adviser can prepare these numbers which are not as hard or as daunting as you may initially think.
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Debt consolidation means, to combine some or all of your Unsecured Loans (i.e. Credit Cards, Personal Loans) and Secured Loans (Home Loan, Car loans) amounts that you pay each month into just one loan or a split loan facility. By consolidate your high interest rate loans or debt into a home loan a lower form of interest paid, you are effectively reducing your long term interest repayments and increasing the amount of money available to you at the end of the week, fortnight and month.
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