Commercial Property Loan

Commercial lenders are offering great commercial deals for property loans with very competitive interest rates to have you consider to refinance or to purchase that property you have always dreamt of. If you require to refinance, buy a cash-flow positive building or property or to buy your own building instead of paying rent each month, well, now is a great time with lenders offering competitive commercial interest rates.

Commercial properties come in many shapes, types and styles, from large CBD office towers to small studio buildings, with offices in business parks to large single standalone buildings. Lenders prefer these type of securities since they are classed as normal type of securities or non-specialised.

If you are a sophisticated commercial investor you would know these type of securities, offers good long-term returns which have secure leases which aid in the serviceability of a commercial loan.

How long does an Approval take?

An Approval can take within 48 hours to be Approval once the lender receives all the appropriate loan documentation.

A pre-Approval can be obtain subject to a valuation.

Term for these loans are:

+ Interest Only: 1 to 7 years

+ Principal and Interest: Up to 25 years

+ Line of Credit: Subject to annual review

What type of Loan Products available?

Loan Products and Interest rates compare favourably with our lenders, offer borrowers the choice of Principal and Interest Loans (P/I), Interest Only Loans (IO), Fixed Rate Loans, a Line of Credit Loan (LOC) or a combination of all three types of loans.

Fixed for terms of 1 to 5 years, Interest rates for these loans may be variable or a combination of both. At the end of a fixed rate term, borrowers may select a further fixed the rate term, or convert to a variable rate product.

Who can apply for a Commercial Property Loan?

Commercial properties vary in many sizes, shapes and structures, not one property or not one borrower’s structure is the same, therefore, everyone borrowing situation varies in their own borrowing structure. Therefore, these loans are available for simple to complex structures for individuals, partnerships, companies, and discretionary trusts as borrowers.

How much can I borrow?

Since we, Neomoney represent a number of commercial lenders, your borrowing capacity will vary with each lender. As with the below listed details you can borrow up to 80% of the value of the security, however, you will be limited to the term of the loan as to the length remaining on a rental lease in place. If the lease has one year to run, then your loan may only run for one year. Now, each lender has deferent credit criteria.

If you require a set and forget loan, with no ongoing reviews you could take up a 20 years loan term or if you require a longer term of 25 years you will fall under another lender credit criteria. Once you consult with commercial mortgage specialist who can tell you how much you can borrow based on your specific requirement.

Key Product specifications available from a number of our main lenders:

+ Borrow 40% to 80% of the Commercial property value

+ Borrow 100% on the residential property value

+ Minimum loan: $100,000

+ Maximum Loan: No set maximum limit

+ Maximum loan term: 25 years.

+ Maximum interest only term: 7 years.

+ No Ongoing fees

How can our commercial mortgage specialist help you?

Low-Interest Rate Pricing
We deal with these commercial lenders daily and know who is offering the most competitive rates available. If we need to win the deal, we will do our very best to obtain a discounted rate just for your business.

No Ongoing Fees
If no ongoing fees are a must have, then we have a few lenders with this types of product. As with these lenders, you get a set and forget loan term of 20 years.


Set And Forget loan
Sick of annual reviews that cost you thousands of dollars to engage your accountant in preparing the financials and having to pay for valuations if they are required. Well, you need to talk to us for a Set and Forget loan facility, additionally, these type of products come with No Going Fees with competitive rates as well.


High Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)
If the high loan to value ratio (LVR) loans is a must, you will be limited to lender choices who also limit the term of the loan due to this loan type. Once we assess your financial situation we can determine your maximum borrowing power for your proposed commercial office loan.

What security can I use for a commercial loan deposit?

If cash is not available to be used as a deposit for a commercial purchase, then a security type can be a residential property or a commercial property. By using resident security as a form of a deposit, your residential interest rates would be as competitive as the commercial rates available. One of our lenders will allow you to borrow 100% equity on the residential property to be used towards commercial security purchase.

+ A Commercial property (also can be a specialised security),

+ Industrial security,

+ Rural security and,

+ Residential security.

+ Commercial Properties

+ Commercial Specialised Properties (are considered)

+ Industrial Properties

+ Rural properties

+ Residential Investment Properties

+ Minimum Loan Amount: $100,000

+ Maximum Loan Amount: No set maximum amount

What fees are charged?

Commercial Loan Setup Fees and Charges

At Pre-Settlement stage, Borrower pays:-

+ Valuation fee

+ The Application Fee is payable once the loan has been approved and the offer accepted by the borrower. The lender requires this fee paid to confirm the borrowers acceptance of the loan offer.

+ All fees associated in the preparation and registration of the mortgage security title documents and any government charges.

Fees at Post Settlement

+ No ongoing fees.

+ No Line sees

+ No Monthly fees

+ Where the loan contract is switched to another product, a switch fee may apply.