Neomoney is always finding new ways to make processing of applications quicker, and it really does help when clients send us PDF documents!

Because almost every online banking system has a different interface, we can’t provide one handy way to save your statements as PDF’s. Instead we make sure to provide easy links directly to a Statement Saving support page for each bank listed below.

In case your bank isnt listed, we shall provide basic instructions if you already know how to look at your electronic statements:

  1. Open/View the statement that you want to save
  2. In modern browsers there usually is a menu bar with Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons
    1. On this menu, you should be able to see a Save Icon (Floppy Disk). Click It and save to a folder that is safe & not on the desktop screen.
  3. If you cant see the save icon, but you can see a print icon, you can click the print icon and wait until the printing screen comes up
  4. Once it has appeared, see if your Printer List has the option to “Save As PDF”. If so, please use this method and save with default settings

Hope this has helped!

Leave a comment if this helped you or if you have any suggestions or tricks that could help!

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