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Is Your Credit File Clean?

Find out how dirty your credit file is.

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The Residential Home Loan

Satisfaction. The point in one's life when you buy your own house or apartment. As it's now your home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit File

What does a Credit Adviser do?


As Credit Advisor's, will look at your financial position, your borrowing power, your life time goals and lifestyle requirements, research our lender base to find the best loan product in the market and negotiate the best deal possible for you.

Neomoney will save you time, to help you save money.

Credit File

Does My Credit File Need To Be Clean?


Surprisingly some lenders take on people who's Credit File isn't completely clean. If you have only a couple of defaults, example: $320 Telephone Bill & $400 Utilities Bill, certain lenders will accept an application. We will have to help put together a strong profile for you and look at what financials the lendor requires before lodging the application. The cleaner the better, but make sure to look at our Credit File Health Tips on how to rinse your Credit File.

LMI Shield

What Is LMI?


LMI stands for Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Normally lenders offer an 80% mortgage borrow amount, but including LMI into your loan will allow a lender to raise the borrow amount to 95%. This means that you can get your home with a smaller deposit.

Who is insured? The lender is insured party. LMI does not insure you or any guarantor. LMI covers the lender incase the borrower can't make payment. Please don't confuse LMI for MPI (Mortgage Protection Insurance) which covers the borrower incase of death, sickness or unemployment.

Happy Guy

How Much Deposit Do I Need?


When buying a house, some banks or lenders will prefer a 20% deposit however there are lenders that will accept a deposit on a loan of less than 10 percent, for example, a five (5%) percent deposit, and some will provide a no deposit home loan, depending upon the location and price of the property via a guarantor loan.

However, sometimes a deposit of less than 20 percent may mean additional loan insurance known as Lender Mortgage Insurance is required. An example where the bank may not require a deposit for a home loan is where you have enough equity in another property via a guarantor.


How Does "Gearing" Work?


Gearing simply means borrowing money to invest. You can benefit from gearing if the growth in the value of the investment and the income you receive is greater than the after-tax cost of borrowing (including interest on the loan).


Rent Or Buy?


Expert property researchers are saying, "Across the country, it's now cheaper to buy than to lease (Rent) in 300 plus suburbs nationally in Australia." Over time you will find your income will increase, your repayments will be more affordable and the dream of owning your home will become more realistic due to the fact that if you take a look at current property prices, take a look at property prices back 10 years ago and if you look forward 10 years for now, what you pay for a property today will not be the same price in 10 years time.

How may we help you!

Residential Finance

Home Loan Finance made very easy! When buying your First Home or Second Home, we will assist you in owning your property sooner!

Investment Finance

If you're buying your First Investment Property or your 10th Property, we will show you the benefits with minimal fuss!
Invest right, to save money!

Commercial Lending

Don't know where to start? Before you make any decisions to purchase or refinance a commercial property, talk to us first at Neomoney!

Business Finance

Starting a new business, buying an established business or need finance at residential home loan rates? Let Neomoney show you how!


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