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Satisfaction. The point in one’s life when you buy your own house or apartment. As it’s now your home.

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Buying a home has never been more affordable with the recent rate cuts.
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Neomoney is committed to helping our customer achieve their financial goals. That’s why every day we’re providing advice, finance solutions, funding plans and recommendations to our nationwide customer base.

If you are not able to qualify for a loan today, we will help put an action plan in place, give you the tools to help build on your credit, work on your finance requirements for the time that we ARE able to help your funding or borrowing situation. It’s not about Giving Up, it’s all about understanding the rules of finance, the rules of Credit Worthiness in the eyes of the lenders.

Service is number ONE to Neomoney. Did YOU ever want to see a FACE on service then shake our hand at our next meeting!

Listening, it’s what we’re good at. In fact, listening is close to the heart of our success. So when you talk to our Neomoney team for something, we do our utmost to listen as much as we can to make it happen.

By listening to you and acting on your feedback, we can provide financial products, solutions and services that exactly meet your needs as a client of ours.

Loan to Value Ratio’s (LVR)

How much can I borrow for the purchase price?

Home Loans ( with LMI )
First Home Buyers ( with LMI )
Investments ( with LMI )
** these ratios may change depending on lender product updates

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Some Of Our Loan Products Available

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  • Medical Loans for Professionals
    Healthcare Professional Loans
  • Pre-Approval
    Pre Approval Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Studio Apartments
  • Negative Gearing
  • SMSF Loans
  • Consolidation Home Loans
  • Renovation Loan
  • Refinance A Loan
  • Commercial Property Loan
  • Neomoney Construction Loans
    Construction Loans
  • Equipment Finance
  • Factory & Warehouse Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
    Fixed Rate Loans
  • Guarantor Loan
  • Neomoney Novated Lease Loans
    Novated Lease Loans
  • Quick Business Loans

Healthcare Finance for Medical Professionals

We Are Truly Devoted to Healthcare Professionals.

Healthcare Professional Loans

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