Equipment Finance

Do you require equipment finance to purchase business assets?

Buying business assets or equipment outright can put a drain on your working capital and leave you juggling funds to meet bills or to grow your business. Let us tailor your equipment purchases with the right finance solutions for your specific business requirement, whether you’re an established Company, Sole Trader, Partnership or Small business owner.

We can provide fast and simple documentation process on Rental, Chattel Mortgage, and Commercial Hire Purchases. If your financials are not up to date, we can assist with no financials for purchases up to $75,000 equipment purchases.

As diverse as our customers are, the list of equipment we assist with finance options are more diverse.

For example:
A new security fence for a commercial property,
To setting up new consulting rooms for a group of Doctors, to
To customisable dental chairs or to new radiography & high definition digital imaging systems for a new dentist practice or even your personal notebook computer are all able to be financed through our asset finance lenders.
A new radiography & high definition digital imaging systems for a new dentist practice or even your personal notebook computer are all able to be financed through our asset finance lenders.
Even your personal notebook computer are all able to be financed through our specialised asset finance lenders.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.


Chattel Mortgage (Commercial Loan)

Own your Car or Equipment Now and pay it off over a fixed term of time.
NO GST on repayments.

Suitable for Cars & Equipment.

May be able to claim 100% tax deduction for assets*

* Small Businesses can claim an immediate 100% tax deduction for assets costing less than $20,000, until the end of 30 June 2017.

Rental Lease

Instead of owning assets, use a Rental Lease to replace equipment that fast becomes obsolete

Best Choice for IT and likewise equipment

Wide variety of products available*

No brand restrictions

* Range/examples of equipment available to lease are listed below

Commercial Lease

Leasing with the opportunity to own it at the end of the lease.

GST can be claimed back as Input Tax Credit

Flexible terms: 24 – 60 & up to 84 months

No financials required* under $50,000

What types of goods can I have financed?

We list a number of equipment you are able to obtain finance for, for example:


Audio Systems

Professional Stil Cameras

Commercial LCD Displays

Professional Video Cameras

Gym Equipment

Fitness Material

Medical Equipment

Dental Equipment

Dental Chair Units

Dental Radiography & Digital Imaging Equipment

Ophthamology Equipment

Medicine Refrigerators

Laboratory Equipment

Gaming Machines & Pokies


Audio Systems




Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Laundry Equipment


Forklifts & Material Handling


Ride-on Mowers

Mining Equipment



Sweepers & Cleaning Machines

GPS Tracking Tools

Wood Chippers

Stump Grinders

Laser Leveling Equipment

Water Filtration

Energy-saving Equipment






Copy Machines


Other Office Equipment

EFTPOS terminals


Point of Sale Displays

Security Cameras

Sensormatic Security Systems

Security Fencing

Motor Vehicles



Golf Carts

Automotive Services Equipment

What other types of equipment can be considered for equipment finance?

Don’t see the equipment you’re looking for from our lists?

Please tell us what type of equipment you required financed, so we can provide the necessary lender, product finance and quotations for the specific equipment you required financed.

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Rental or Operation Lease

Free up your finances and your working capital.

Renting provides you with a way to obtain the latest equipment without tying up your working capital, so you can use your funds elsewhere to really benefit your business. With a rental, you are paying to use the equipment, rather than own the equipment. You can deduct your repayments as an operation cost.

Have the latest up to date technology

Renting formalises your asset replacement strategy and allows you to regularly upgrade your equipment, so your business always benefits from the latest technology.

No longer worry about the risk of equipment obsolescence.

Technology-based equipment eventually becomes obsolete – all too soon it will no longer be efficient or compatible with new technologies. When you own the equipment, you have no choice but to take on this risk yourself.

With rental, however, you can transfer this risk.

Which business can we help?

+ Small to medium enterprises (SME’s)

+ Professional firms

+ Large private companies

+ Major corporations

+ Government departments

+ Education

+ Private schools

+ Clubs & associations

What will my rental repayment be?

We’ll tailor a custom financing solution with competitive, market-sensitive rental repayments to meet the needs of your business.

Will my rental payment stay the same even if interest rates rise?

We offer fixed-payment financing so you’ll know the total cost upfront, and this stays the same over the term of the rental.

What happens at the end of the rental term?

You have the flexibility of three different options available to you at the end of the rental period:

1. You can renew your existing agreement to continue to rent the equipment,

2. You can return the equipment to the lender,

3. You can make an offer to purchase the equipment at an agreed price (conditions apply).

4. Or Start a new agreement with brand new equipment.

Can I add to the facility during the rental term?

Yes. We make it easy to add to your equipment solution. Through the Master Rental Program there is minimal additional documentation – just a one-page schedule. The additional financing can be structured to end at the same time as your original rental, or at a time that you request.

The Credit Process

+ No financials

+ Up to $70,000 ~ min 2 years trading

The Benefits

Simple & Easy Approval Process

Tax Deductable typically at 100%

Off Balance sheet lending

Terms from 24 to 60 months (5 Years)

End of term options

Update equipment within the term

FREE UP working capital

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