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Maximising Interest Rate Discounts: A Guide for Professionals

Unlocking LMI Waivers:
Which Professional Industries are Eligible?.

Can Professionals in Australia Receive Discounted Interest Rates and be Exempted From Paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

Yes, professionals in Australia may be eligible for discounted interest rates and LMI exemption if they meet certain criteria. To be eligible, the borrower must be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent residency visa and meet income requirements. Additionally, the borrower’s occupation and qualifications must align with the lender’s industry sector policy requirements.

Many lenders prefer to lend to professionals or specialists because they are considered lower-risk borrowers with secure income in their specialized fields of practice. Depending on their profession, borrowers may be able to receive a discount on their mortgage interest rate and even be exempted from paying LMI premiums up to 90% or even 95% of the purchase price of their new home, investment property, or refinancing of their existing mortgage.

It’s important to note that the eligibility criteria and benefits vary among lenders, so it’s essential to work with a mortgage broker who can assess your situation and recommend lenders that best suit your needs. As a credit adviser, we can help you navigate the lending landscape and find a loan product that meets your unique circumstances.

Which Professionals Are Eligible for LMI Waivers When Applying for a Industry Professionals Loans?

To maximize the chances of securing the most competitive interest rate discount and LMI waiver, it’s essential to understand which lenders prefer which types of professionals. For instance, while all lenders that offer professional loans tend to lend to medical specialists, only a select few may lend to other types of professionals who have higher income, a strong credit profile, and offer better security to lenders. These professionals often tend to purchase multiple properties, making them an attractive long-term business prospect for lenders.

At Neomoney, we specialise in identifying lenders that offer professional loans with LMI waivers, and we can help you determine your eligibility based on your profession, income, and credit profile. Our expertise can help you navigate the lending landscape and find a loan product that best suits your needs.

It’s worth noting that eligibility criteria vary among lenders, and even within the same lender, depending on the industry sector policy requirements. Therefore, it’s crucial to work with a mortgage broker who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your situation and match you with the best possible lender. Contact us at Neomoney, and we’ll help you navigate the complex world of lending and find the most suitable loan options for your needs. Our goal is to help you maximise your potential interest rate discounts and achieve No LMI for your property purchase or refinancing needs.

Maximizing Your Interest Rate Discount: Which Professional Industries Qualify for No LMI?

If your profession fits into is one of the following below industry professional, we may be able to assist you with a loan facility for your Home or Investment purchase.

Industry Professionals ~ Lenders Mortgage Insurance Premium (LMI) Waiver

Industry Professionals


Actor or Actress,






Chief Financial Officer







Film Maker,

Finance Director,

Finance Manager,

Finance Controller,

Forensic Scientist,



Internal Auditor,

IT Professional,





Legal Practitioners,


Medical Practitioner,




Occupational Therapist,





Quantity Surveyor,




Sports Professional,

Tax Accountant,


University Lecturer,




Do Medical Professionals Qualify For Mortgage Discounts, and What Are The Benefits of Medical Professional Loans?

Medical professionals are considered to be low-risk borrowers by lenders due to their high-income potential, job security, and low default ratings. Therefore, lenders are more likely to offer discounted mortgage interest rates and LMI waivers to medical professionals compared to other occupations.

At Neomoney, we specialise in providing medical professional loans, which are specifically designed for medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. These loans offer several benefits, such as lower interest rates, higher loan-to-value ratios, and LMI waivers. Medical professional loans also offer greater flexibility in terms of repayment options and can help medical professionals achieve their property ownership goals, either for residential or commercial securities plus business lending.

It’s worth noting that eligibility criteria and benefits may vary among lenders, and it’s essential to work with a mortgage broker who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your situation and match you with the best possible lender. At Neomoney, we can help you navigate the lending landscape and find a loan product that best suits your needs.

If you’re a medical professional interested in exploring your options for a mortgage loan, follow this link to our Medical Professional Loans page to learn more about the benefits and eligibility criteria.

What Interest Rate Discount Can Legal Professionals Get on Their Mortgage?

As a practicing Legal professional, you may be eligible for discounted mortgage interest rates and LMI waivers from lenders due to your high-income potential, job security, and low default ratings. The amount of discount you can receive on your interest rate depends on several factors, including the size of your loan amount, loan-to-value ratio (LVR), security location, and the lender’s credit criteria and policies.

Typically, the larger your loan amount and the lower your LVR, the higher discount you can achieve. However, it is important to note that simply contacting a lender does not always guarantee an automatic discount for your profession. Our experienced team at Neomoney can help you navigate the complexities of the loan submission process and increase your chances of success.

For more information on eligible Legal professionals and the benefits they may be entitled to, please visit our webpage via the link provided.

Unlocking LMI Waivers for Industry Professionals Loans: Which Professional Industries are Eligible?

A Golden Rule for Professionals!

How to Maximize Interest Rate Discounts and LMI Waivers.

How Much of a Discount Can I Expect on My Interest Rate for My Mortgage Loan?

The amount of discount on the interest rate that you can receive on your mortgage loan depends on various factors. Lenders consider the level of risk involved and the overall liability per borrower or applicant in determining the interest rate discounts. Your loan amount and the loan to value ratio (LVR) or the amount of your loan against the value of your property are also considered. For instance, larger loans above $3 million may result in a lower LVR from 90% to 80% or lower, and a security location in a state or territory may also affect the discount you can receive.

To achieve the highest possible discount on your interest rate, a lower LVR and a larger loan amount can help. However, the loan submission process can be complex and challenging. It’s essential to have the guidance and support of an experienced mortgage broker who can navigate any hurdles along the way. At Neomoney, we have extensive knowledge of each lender’s credit criteria and policies, allowing us to determine which lender is best suited for your needs and can offer the most favourable discount for your profession.

Can Sporting Professional Athletes get Discount Interest Rates?

Professional Athletes (all sports) are considered to be eligible to receive these discounts since lenders break down the profession into different categories and rank these professions differently.  Contact us at Neomoney to find out which sporting profession is suitable for special discounts and pay No Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

Additionally, Professional Coaches (all sports) and retired athletes still working within the sports or entertainment industry can be considered also.

Can Entertainers get Interest Rate Discounts?

Similarly, to sporting professionals, entertainers in the field of;

  • TV
  • Film,
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Fashion,

can receive interest rate discounts or special rate discounts. You would still need to meet the proposed lenders credit criteria before qualifying for these benefits however we will help you through the loan process.  Contact us at Neomoney to find out how to qualify for special discounts and what offers are available.

How do you qualify for these Specials?

Each professional applicant must meet the lenders standard lending credit criteria since each lender credit scores every applicant differently.  

A few qualifications are:

  • Each professional applicant must have a clear credit history with no defaults, judgements or adverse hits on their credit file.
  • Total borrowing must not exceed 80% of the property value (some preferred professions may be eligible at 90% of the property value and maybe exempt of Lenders Mortgage Insurance).
  • Borrowing a minimum of $250,000 is eligible however the better discounts start at $500,000 and upwards.
  • An applicant must have stable employment or if recently changed employer to have been in the same profession or industry for a minimum of 2 years
  • If you are within a probation period, the application would be considered based on the merits and strength of your profession and overall position of employment.
  • For Self Employed Professionals, you will need 2 years of financial trading Tax Returns. If you have just started as a self-employed professional, you will need 12 months of current tax returns and 2 years in previous employment in similar occupation or filed with Tax Office Notices of Assessment to verify the previous income earned in your profession.
  • Professional Sport Athletes and Entertainment Persons, must have an accredited Manager, Agent, or Accountant to be eligible.

Unsure if You’re Eligible for Discounts on Your Mortgage?

Don’t let confusion about your job title or occupation prevent you from exploring potential discounts on your mortgage interest rate and LMI waivers. At Neomoney, we have the experience and expertise to identify lender specials and discounts that may apply to your unique situation, even if your job title doesn’t exactly match a specific industry profession. Contact us today to see what we can offer you and help you navigate the complexities of mortgage applications.

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