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Neomoney is committed to assisting our customers in achieving their financial goals.  That is why every day we are providing advice, finance solutions, funding plans and recommendations to our nationwide customer base and making dreams come true.

In Your Finance World, you need a finance specialist you can trust, and all our Awesome Clients Do Trust Neomoney.

Here’s how we help our existing clients and customers and we know we can help YOU too.

+ 20 Years

Experienced in the Finance Industry for Over Two Decades

+ 50 Resi Lenders

Accredited with more than 50 Residential Lenders.

+ 40 Commercial

Accredited with more than 40 Commercial Lenders.

+ 20 Business

Accredited with more than 20 Specialised Lenders.



If you are not able to qualify for a loan today, we will help put an action plan in place to give you the tools to help build on your credit, work on your finance requirements for the time that we ARE able to help your funding or borrowing situation.

It’s not about Giving Up… It’s all about understanding the rules of finance, the rules of Credit Worthiness in the eyes of the lenders.

All of us from time to time need some financial help, talk to us, we are more than happy to listen and may have a simple solution or a plan to put in place to assist with your future financial goals.

We are only a phone call or email away.

What our clients have to say

Neomoney is, who Google say we are!

I’m not normally lost for words.

My Husband and I would like to thank Steve at Neomoney for going beyond our expectations. I’m my field I don’t get that surprised however I was so pleased that Steve assisted us in our complex financial restructure to enable us to further purchase another investment property.

I would highly be recommending Neomoney services as I will to a number of our own clients who also have complex loan structures.

Thank you once again and we will be in touch to discuss further acquisitions.

Melissa Jones

Chartered Accountant

When we first took out our loan, we didn’t realize how much the interest rate would impact our overall repayment. But after a few months of struggling to keep up with the payments, we knew we needed to do something. That’s when we were recommended to Neomoney for help to help with refinancing. They were able to offer us a much lower interest rate with a lender that had no fees, which has made a huge difference in our ability to pay off the loan.

We couldn’t be happier with the results, and we highly recommend Neomoney to anyone in a similar situation.

We wish we could give them 10 stars but 5 is the most 😊.

Kim R & Monika W

Teacher & Nurse

Many thanks for all your help in buying my first home.

I would very much recommend you to family and friends. 😊

Peter Moltan

Digital Commerce Engineer

I was hesitant to refinance my loan at first, but after speaking with Neomoney and learning about the potential savings, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did! The guys at Neomoney was incredibly helpful and patient with me as I navigated the process, and now I’m saving hundreds of dollars every month. If you’re on the fence about refinancing your loan, I highly recommend working with Steve at Neomoney.

Lidia Papas


I was initially nervous about buying my first home and get a home loan, but the team at Neomoney put me at ease right away. They explained the whole fist home buying process to me in detail and answered all of my questions, which made me feel much more confident. Now that I’ve completed the home purchase process, I’m so thrilled with the results no more moving every 6 months and I’m in my own place. My monthly payments are much more manageable as the rental payment was higher, and I’m on track to pay off my loan much faster than I would have otherwise. I highly recommend the guys at Neomoney to anyone looking to refinance their loan.

Christie Wilson


Before I refinanced my loan with the help of Neomoney, I was struggling to make ends meet every month. The interest rate on my original loan was so high that I was barely able to make a dent in the principal balance. But after refinancing, I was able to lower my interest rate and reduce my monthly payment, which has made a huge difference in my budget. I’m so grateful for the help and support I received from Neomoney throughout the process.

Geoff Gerloff

Product Specialist

Refinancing our home loan with the help of Neomoney was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made. The team was so supportive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process, and they helped me find a repayment plan with a lender that worked for my budget. Not only have I been able to reduce my monthly loan payments, but I’m also saving some dollars in interest over the life of the loan. I’m so, so, so, grateful to Neomoney for helping me get my finance future back on track.

Ellie Thompson

Marketing & Digital Manager

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