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Buying a car is an exciting time. In Australia, we have over 50 brands of vehicles with more than 200 plus in model varieties for you to make your selection. Now that you have your motor car in mind you wish to purchase, let Neomoney organise your car finance and leave all the complex paperwork and finance jargon for us to explain when you’re ready. We will deal with your car dealer to get you into your car sooner.

From our huge range of motor vehicle lenders, together we will narrow down the right finance product that’s right for you, that suits your wallet and lifestyle, to get you driving away in your new car.

Your Car Finance or Car loans Options made simple

Buying a car in a business or buying personally, we have you covered. We list below the available options. If you are buying a car as an individual (as a PAYG) you may consider purchasing your car via a Novated Lease through a salary package agreement with your employer.

If buying a car for your business entity then you may wish to consider a Commercial Loan. With a commercial loan, you have a few loan options to choose from which we list on the following page in more detail.

Chattel Mortgage

Various lenders call their business Chattel Mortgage a Commercial Loan. A chattel mortgage or commercial loan is when a lender advances a loan facility for your business to purchase a passenger car or commercial vehicle, either in your own personal name or the business name.

Commercial Car Loan

Various lenders call their business car loans a Commercial Loan. You may hear various business car loans called, Commercial Hire Purchase, Commercial Chattel Mortgage or even a Commerical Fleet Lease, however not to worry, we’ll explain these in more detail on the following page.

Commercial Hire Purchase (HP)

A commercial HP is a loan facility where the business ‘hires’ he vehicle from the lender for a fixed term with the option at the end of the term to purchase the vehicle our right.

Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is an arrangement between You as the Employee, Your Employer, and the Lender. This novated lease arrangement you enter into is a Deed Of Novation (tripartite agreement) between all 3 parties. A Novated Lease can be a tax effective way for you as an employee to purchase a brand new car that you have always wished for.

Car Loan & Personal Loan

A car loan is typically secured by the car and can be also referred to as a Personal Loan. The lender secured the loan over the car as a safeguard which is not a bad idea as it reduces the lenders’ interest rate compared to an unsecured car or personal loan.

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