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Below we have included some Loan Info, but when it comes to Residential Loans there are many options to choose from which can alter the requirements, restrictions and also benefits you get. If the info below doesn't cover your questions, feel free to contact us!

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Home Loan Info & Stuff

Buying Property in Joint Names or Tenants In Common

The main benefit of buying a property in a co-ownership may provide you or your co-purchasers with the means to enter the property market earlier than later or only being able to purchase a small apartment, to purchase a better quality or higher value property.

I Need a Better Loan Facility

You’ve come at a great time! An initial consultation with Neomoney can save you the long term pain from an incorrect financial loan facility or loan structure and interest paid over the life of your loan.

Full Approval. Get Unconditionally Approved Now

A Full Approval is granted once you have found a property and all the required documentation are submitted to the Lender and this whole process is when everyone is ready to do the business to purchase the property.

Loan Product Types

A Standard Variable Rate loan will usually have a full range of features, whilst a Basic Variable Rate loan will have a more restricted range of features.